Regentronique Enr.
Since 1979
You need it, we create it!
You have it, we improve it!
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About us

We would need a book of 500 pages to be able to describe what we are and what we have achieved in the last 45 years.

We can at least tell that we created/repaired/improved products in various technological sectors as industrial electricity, electronic, computer, robotic, domotic, automobile mechanic, telecommunication by wires and radio waves or thermo-dynamic. For objects as different as small appliances, radio/video surveillance equipments, heat pumps, thermal generators or web pages micro-servers integrated in a box smaller than 2 in. square.

We found our strength in our multi-disciplinary capacity, that allow us to easily integrate multiples technologies rapidly saving then time and money. We are outside folded bushes and go beyond universitary knowledge with our highly qualified staff auto-didactic capacities.

Only one meeting will suffice to convince you. Contact-us

955 Rivière Bayonne Sud
Berthier, Qc, Canada
J0K 1A0